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Governor's Award 2012

THE NEXT FRONTIER, the first Vermont autism, disabilities and diagnoses weekly
radio program from is airing
First Monday of each month at 4:00 pm EST on
WOMM-LP 105.9 FM Burlington


photo credit: Karen Dawson

Anne Barbano (in white) interviewing Andrea Marcotte (left) and
her mother Donna during the May 14, 2008 show. In the back
is engineer
Nick Malutama. Engineer Karen Dawson is
taking the photo.

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This first show followed autism parents on the day the Autism Plan
Report was presented at the VT Statehouse. I want to thank Nancy
Richards, Gail Africa, Claudia Pringles and Linda Luxenberg for before-
and after-presentation remarks, as well as George Africa who was
my live on-air guest on Wednesday, February 6.

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Portion of Feb 6 Show with George Africa (20:54)

The second show features the talents of Bill Gallant and Bernie Looby
of Howard Mental Health.

Listen to February 13 Show

The third show is entitled "Why Can't I Work?" and features
Kathy Andrews and her son Andrew Sollace discussing issues
around supported employment for people with disabilities.

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The fourth show features Kim Mason, a cognitively-disabled adult who
had run as a candidate for the Burlington City Council the previous day.

Listen to March 5 Show

The fifth show features a conversation between Anne Barbano
and fellow radio host Harold Frost, who has the diagnosis
of Asperger's Syndrome.

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In the sixth show Anne speaks to two autism parents working hard on
the developing historic Vermont Autism Plan. One developes a petition,
the other works from the inside. The complexity of the autism world
goes beyond the diagnosis.

Listen to April 2 Show

Anne speaks with Randy Lamberti of the Vermont Autism Puzzle
Foundation, Carol Ortlip of the Inspire School for Autism, and Jess Levi,
a parent of a child with autism using alternative medical treatments.

Listen to April 9 Show

In the eighth show Anne speaks with a landscaper with a child with
autism, follows up on the third show by checking in with Andrew Sollace
at his current job, and speaks with author and autism spokesman
Sean Barron.

Listen to April 16 Show

Anne talks with Laurie Tedeshe, co-founder of the on-line autism
support group Autism Support Daily, and an advocate for reductions
of mercury.

Listen to April 30 Show

Anne talks with Marilyn Mahusky of the Vermont Disability Law Project
and Karen Schwartz of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities
Council regarding Vermont being out of compliance, waivers,
and EPSDT federal regulations for people with autism.

Listen to May 7 Show

Listen to a discussion between Anne and Colchester High School
senior Andrea Marcotte about Andrea's challenges with cerebral palsy.

Listen to May 14 Show

Anne talks with Larry Lewack of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI) and consumer Sarah Robinson, who suffers from Bipolar II.
[program note: recorded ending of the show was lost due to a
transmission problem at WOMM-LP]

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10 years...6 shows a month...Meet Gigi Weisman, a community member
who has been performing for children for at least a decade!
But did you know she also wears another hat?
Working/playing in disabilities.
Music CD introduced too!

Listen to May 28 Show

Horse rescuer, logger, single mom of 4, twins with autism, one with
diabetes: Vermont renaissance woman Terry Holden talks
Skinner on the farm with Anne Barbano.

Listen to June 4 Show

One man's courage coming back to "normal" life. Meet disabled
veteran Ronnie LaBounty, who tells Anne about reentry into civilian life
and why its crucial for a veteran to "help a vet".

Listen to June 11 Show

Where the Two Shall Meet: Behavioral Medicine and
Augmentative Learning and Movement Center.

Listen to July 16 Show

Autism 911 Data Base. What is it? And it's not just for autism.
Guests Heidi Wener and VT Police Academy trainer Cindy Taylor.
Ben McCarty of the Be4Now band introduces charity single
Too Late To Wait to benefit the Red Cross.

Listen to July 30 Show

Discussion of controversial film 'Tropic Thunder' with autism and
downs syndrome parents, Claudia Pringles and Pat Powell. Surprise
guest, author / inspirational speaker Sarah Howell and her book
Ringo's Gift.

Listen to August 20 Show

Two young men with Aspergers, one is able to disclose it and
the other "keeps it in the closet". A very interesting conversation.

Listen to August 27 Show

Do you have children experiencing puberty for the first time? Did you
think sexuality was lost once your child was diagnosed?   Listen to
"Train the trainer" and peer sexuality educators as they discuss myths
and teachings regarding individuals with disabilities.  This and more
on the Sexuality Show topic. The Next Frontier autism and disabilities
radio program.

Listen to September 17 Show

"What an interesting guy!" the dj/programmer from another show said to
me as he was listening to this interview. I think you'll agree. Author of
the New York Times bestseller LOOK ME IN THE EYE, aspergian,
inventor, engineer John Elder Robison really gives one insight into the
possibility about what is happening in the autism brain and heart.
Truly delightful listening.


Listen to September 24 Show

Its highly controversial and yet practiced every day. Meet the area's
well known facilitator Pascal Cheng and two men who live by it ,
John McGinley and Mark Utter.

Listen to October 1 Show

Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation

Summary of studies with positive outcomes

YOU TUBE 60 minutes facilitated communication controversy

Demonstration of facilitated communication (UK)

Amanda Baggs Burlington, VT

Three panelists who have autism talk about their work situations as
young adults . Recorded at the Creating Employment Opportunities training.

Listen to October 15 Show

We have two shows:

1. Bereavement: Find out how to tell your child...Ginny Fry
2. Build Your Family: A guide...Angela Timpone

Listen to October 22 Show

Timely Piece. Can you take 1/2 hour to Listen?

Key to understanding just what's going on and your own advocacy. Timely
piece with  former legislator and executive director Ed Paquin of
Vermont Protection and Advocacy.
 Additional four-minute piece on DD ACT. Write, give feedback its your
democracy . If the .mp3 file doesn't load quickly give it a few minutes.

Listen to November 19 Show

Listen to music talent from the I.N.S.P.I.R.E for Autism School,
and Nate Taves with Non-Verbal Learning Disability as he talks
about his ability to create a production for a benefit for
Learning Disabilities Worldwide.
Listen to December 3 Show

Dr. Jeffrey Wulfman Vermont's first DAN (Defeat Autism Now) physician.
Recording sounds a bit like we're on the moon but hang in there good stuff! Contact info embedded in interview to give to your physician for dialogue
of this treatment with Brandon's Dr. Wulfman. who is employed by hospital,
NOT private practice.
Listen to December 10 Show

One parent's personal concern about looming budget cuts on the developmentally disabled

Meet parent Jim Charbonneau of a young child with the Vermont
Deaf/Blind Census who is still trying to get a diagnosis of cause.
Its the personal stories that drive the point of what fiscal
responsibility means. Take a listen for 35 minutes.

Listen to December 17 Show

Guest Linda Luxenberg speaks about opening the first autism center
in Vermont  next month. This adult center will be utilized primarily to
support employment as well as life skills. Find out more.

Listen to January 7 Show

Same Child, Different Day
January 14, 2009

  Rutland, VT parent Jon says he wrote this litttle booklet to share,
and perhaps help others during their initial diagnosis of autism.
This program was not recorded, but comments by folks who listened in
on our conversation have offered perspectives, including one who has
been in the trenches for a little bit now (me) and one newly indoctrinated (Jon).
It is insightful from that perspective.
Jon can be reached at his blog:

Friend Nick Morewood, 93 years young, self taught lawyer of Syrian
descent, father of adult child with a disability reflects on life.
Thank you, Nick. 31 minutes.

Listen to January 28 Show

Listen to mom and 8-year-old sister of a boy with autism and (long
diagnosis) obsessive compulsive anxiety avoidance behavior
describe their treatment plan, their thoughts, their fun. I mean using
the bathroom as an elevator - wow! 36 minutes.
Listen to February 11 Show

What happened after the vigils and rallies? Find out how those that
 participated tried to SOS (Save our State) from Human Services
program cuts! 60 minutes.
Listen to February 25 Show

Come ,  take a walk with Todd Darling into this very hopeful
conversation as he talks about the door that opened up his daughter
Maleia's life. Fascinating story. When Maleia was born the Autism
Puzzle Foundation was not a thought.
See how its grown , right along with Maleia!
Listen to March 18 Show

Enthusiastic Parents from Rutland CELEBRATE THE SPECTRUM
with Free Events all month long.

 Listen to what its like for mom to be away in basic training in the
National Guard for three long months from her son with autism.

Catch again this lovely melody from Inspire School for Autism
in Brattleboro! The talent among us!!
Listen to April 1 Show

You can't miss this one. Bet you didn't know the importance of Special
Needs Trusts. Listen with pencil and paper in hand to Attorney
Claudia Pringle. Then listen to Hocus Pocus Focus sung by next week's
guest Parent's Choice Award winner Cathy Bollinger!
Listen to April 29 Show

You'll be humming or singing these tunes to your kids . Delightful
listening from Cathy Bollinger who tells us how her songwriting
/educational CD's came about from her music therapy career.
Listen to May 6 Show

1990 American Disabilities Act.  2009 -  Still working on it. Vermont
prides itself on inclusion. Why do we still have issues around physical
access into our public buildings... Listen in on a conversation with
Michael Wood - Lewis  regarding this daily reality.
Listen to May 13 Show

"Inclusion can't be the reason we decide things for my son." Meet
Kathleen  Demeritt,  mom to son Chris with Angelman Syndrome. Her
fight to keep her one-on-one school position working with him raises
questions about values that will challenge your thinking.
Listen to May 20 Show

She's about to say her final goodbye to the non-profit she founded
in 1992, Vermont Parent Information Center. Connie Curtin talks
about the early years, why she began it and what lies ahead. Her
perspective comes from some unique experiences and stories that
engage the listener. And she answers the million dollar question.
(50 minutes
Listen to June 3 2009 Show

May 20 Show

You will learn more about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in a conversation
with Pat Furlong and be riveted not only by her knowledge but also by
her experience.
Listen to June 17 Show
Go to after you listen to this
show for more information. And watch the 50 minute video here:
"Duchenne -The Death Gene". Pat's two sons, Christopher
and Patrick, died from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disability, college radio DJ
Edward Burke demonstrates his eclectic singing from 18th century
Christian hymns, music harmony of French-Canadian wooden spoons,
dulcimer, and jaw harps from Vietnam. Listen to this ensemble of
conversation with talented Edward Burke.
Listen to July 22 Show

How a breathing video game may help save lives. 29 minutes.

Listen to September 9 Show

Professor Susan Yuan, mother of Andreas with Angelman syndrome,
who has worked for more than 20 years promoting positive behavior
supports in Vermont schools. Listen and learn about the type of restraints
and seclusion used both here in Vermont and nationwide..

Listen to October 2 Show

You were suppose to give up your baby and deny it public school.
Listen to extraordinary stories on why and how Bill's Bill film was made.

Listen to October 21 Show

"I wasn't a patient. I was locked up" says Laura Ziegler who at age 17 was
locked up, diagnosed and forcibly drugged until a court ordered it stopped.
"They accidentally broke my arm" says Marj Berthhold relating to one of her
experiences in an institution. Co-director Nora Jacobson says
 understanding the mind is what holds her interests in documenting
experiences such as Marj's in the film "Tremors in the System".
When what you thought was reasonable treatment becomes questionable.
at )

Listen to October 28 Show

LAND lands in Burlington at the JDK Gallery

Special Guest : Marshall Harmon
Find out how artists from the autism community from
Down Under the Manhattan Bridge (DUMBO)
have grown in their artistry with the influence of a special art space.
25 minutes.

Listen to November 6 Show

Developmental Disabilities Goes to College and SUCCEED

Developmental Disabilities goes to college with help from the
SUCCEED Program . Find out about this supportive program
from the HowardCenter.
Guests: Mark Prior and Jeremiah Tetreault

Listen to November 18 Show

He's known in twitterland as @follownathan.
He was a man with a plan, riding 4300 miles in 5 months across
America on his bike to talk agriculture. Off the bike but not the subject,
meet Nathan Winters!

Listen to December 2 Show

Supporting people of all abilities in pursuing relationships (love,
marriage etc.) Listen as guests Emily Anderson and Edward Burke of
The Awareness Theatre and performance artist Peter Burns bring us
into the world of self advocating for all aspects of human development.
Later, host Anne and Emily talk about growing up with deaf grandparents. Interesting discussion!!

Listen to December 23 Show

EMAIL: The budget situation for developmental services is alarming!
Vermont governor's budget cuts 2010. Guest Karen Schwartz
(VT Developmental Disabilities Council) calls in with
what that means. (17 minutes)

Listen to January 27 Show (part 1)

Author and parent advocate Jacqueline Williams-Hines of the
No Small Victories book series (books for your child's classmates
and families . (22 minutes)

Listen to January 27 Show (part 2)

Maybe you've heard of VOC REHAB. Interesting information
on what exactly they are and do, and how they impact the
developmental disabilities community.
Guests: Hugh Bradshaw and Eric Johnson (37 minutes)

Listen to February 3 Show

Meet Bill Ashe, Executive Director of Upper Valley Services
and Betty Milizia, former Director of Governmental Affairs for
ARC of VT and the parent of a young man with a developmental
disability. How will taking more away from the pie ensure that quality
 developmental services can continue? Helpful tips on how to educate
your legislators. (57 minutes)

Listen to February 10 Show

Vermont's historic autism insurance bill with Ron Marcellis,
Jon and Lori Gilbert, and Judith Ursitti from Autism Speaks.
(57 minutes)

Listen to February 17 Show

"RUNSICKboyRUN" gets your attention, and leads listeners to
Ronnie Sharpe, advocate for people with cystic fibrosis.
(56 minutes)

Listen to March 10 Show

Vermont State Senator Bill Carris of Rutland County discusses the
Autism Insurance Bill that is currently under consideration. (21 minutes)

Listen to April 7 Show

Grandmother and CEO Melinda Moulton, proponent of environmental
approach to autism, and daughter Mariah Riggs speak of one
family's conscienceness of raising their child with autism during the
early years. (61 minutes)

Listen to April 14 Show

Have a new look at how effective puppets can be in getting the
attention of children who have real questions about subjects that are not
always pretty. We cover autism here but lets hear how issues such
as sexual abuse are also handled. PUPPETS IN EDUCATION.

(Karen Newman has been a Vermont educator for the past 20 years, a
classroom teacher, literacy specialist, and now as Program Director of
Puppets in Education, which includes Kids on the Block-Vermont and
their new program about Autism, Friend 2 Friend-Vermont.)

(58 minutes)

Listen to April 21 Show

Guest Marianne Russo (aka @ChildAnxiety) founder of @CoffeeKlatch,
the Twitter Tweet Chat for parents of special needs children. The journey
to medical intervention that began to give her answers. (59 minutes)

Listen to May 12 Show

VERY informative interview with Dr. Steve Contompasis MD on the new
DSM 5 proposed for 2013. Find out WHY DSM is important in
diagnosing autism spectrum disorder and how the current DSM is
about to change. You really should send this link to your doctors to share
and discuss. (51 minutes)

Listen to May 18 Show

OK he hooked me with this. "My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner."
Last words spoken by Tim Welsh's son. The politics of autism brings us
to this broadcast from the Autism One conference in Chicago.
Tim introduces some of the participants at the conference and
The American Rally for Personal Rights. Vaccines or no vaccines - you
gotta listen. (58 minutes)

Listen to May 26, 2010 Show

A young man with bipolar disorder discusses his life with this condition,
and living without medications. (42 minutes)

Listen to June 30, 2010 Show

Peter Flom surprises listeners with the many details of his non-verbal
learning disability. He is just a guy with a Ph.D, married with 2 children
who may get lost if not for New York City’s numbered street system.
Next time a guy (or a gal) is standing too close, or looking too long,
think about some of what Peter has to say. This interesting man brings
insight to what a learning disability may look like and means. (42 minutes)

Listen to July 14, 2010 Show

It's 9 year old Jaylen Arnold's commitment to end bullying while
managing his severe complex tourettes syndrome. Jaylen also happens
to have aspergars syndrome. Listen in on the many features of this
crusade as Jaylen and his mom Robin explain their process. You'll walk
away with something that will stick with you. (60 minutes)

Listen to July 28, 2010 Show

Today I'm discussing the book "Reading Disabilities: Beating the Odds"
with co-author Gary Brannigan, Ph.D. Gary is a Professor of psychology
at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, as well as a
licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist. (49 minutes)

Listen to August 4, 2010 Show

Talking to Ned Castle of the High/Low Project and Calvin Smith for the
Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs.
The voices of at-risk youth accompanied by photos depicted in a documentary-like style. (58 minutes)

Listen to August 11, 2010 Show

Dr. Jennifer Gunter, MD did what some people do every day; become
pregnant and have babies. The only difference: she was pregnant with
multiples (triplets) placing her at high risk for having premature births. Her
experience of losing son Aiden at twenty-two and a half weeks and the birth
of her remaining twins nearly a month later is a story that's both physical
and emotional. In this interview, Jennifer, an OB-GYN, describes her intimate
guide book for parents of premature babies that she subsequently wrote,
"The Preemie Primer". Whether you have kids or not you will be riveted by
the insight displayed here. And you won't think about a preemie again in
the same way. (48 minutes)

Listen to September 16, 2010 Show

Autism insurance. You might be hearing a lot about this these days.
What's all the hoopla about it? Wasn't treatment already covered? Nope.
Listen in on a discussion with the co-author of Vermont's autism
insurance bill, VT House candidate Lisa Erwin-Davidson. How An Autism
Insurance Bill was Built. (55 minutes)

Listen to September 23, 2010 Show

Listen to this interview with performer, storyteller,
and dancer Lida Winfield, who tells us about her experiences
 growing up with dyslexia. Surprises! (45 minutes)

Listen to October 14, 2010 Show

Are you a wretch or a jabberer? Here
is an interview with filmmaker Geradine Wurzburg on her film
Wretches and Jabberers.  We talked at VCAM (Vermont Community
Access Media) with two of the stars from the film, Larry Bissonnette and
Tracy Thresher, along with their support team members Harvey Lavoy
and Pascal Cheng. (35 minutes)
Listen to October 21, 2010 Show

The concept of Autism Treatment Centers.
The Next Frontier looks at one in Denver, Colorado with guests Sarah David,
director of Alta Vista Center For Autism, and local Centers advocate
KJ Travis. (39 minutes)

Listen to October 28, 2010 Show

Developmental Disabilities Gets Hit Again!
After a $1.5 million cut, an additional $800,000 is tagged on.
Anne speaks to Karen Schwartz,
Director of VT Developmental Disabilities Council on the
 ramifications of this decision, and some revelations. (44 minutes)
Listen to November 4, 2010 Show

Dad's In Heaven With Nixon
Anne speaks with Tom Murray, the creator (writer, producer,director) of
Dad's In Heaven With Nixon. The reasoning behind expanding the theme of the film.
And who glues the family together. (39 minutes)

Listen to November 11, 2010 Show

Talking Insulin, Life, Powerlifting with Ginger Vieira
Meet the engaging champion powerlifter Ginger Vieira as we take a ride 
into what it means to be "empowered by your diabetes."  Talk about
insulin was never so interesting! (39 minutes)

Listen to November 18, 2010 Show

Vermont Awarded Two Competitive Grants for Autism

Vermont has been awarded two competitive grants
submitted by three people in State government who work in the field of
autism.  Learn why, and how these grants will affect Vermont
residents with ASD. (49 minutes)

Listen to December 9, 2010 Show

Epilepsy, Auras and Hallucinations

Before you think it's not about me, "I don't have epilepsy, seizures etc etc. " stop and
think what it must be like when someone who does suddenly gains new information.
How powerful that is! Listen as Stuart Ross McCallum, author of "Beyond My Control",
describes his gripping account of seizures, auras, and other symptoms that lead him to
undertake an extreme surgery called a lobectomy. (47 minutes)

Listen to January 06, 2011 Show

A Regular Guy (Growing Up With Autism)

"A Regular Guy (Growing Up With Autism)" is told through the eyes of a parent,
but boy, do we hear the voice of Matthew! Laura Shumaker talks about her family's
love of their son, and eventual acceptance of his autism while allowing anxiety and humor
to permeate. Laura explains what all that means in this interview. (50 minutes)

Listen to January 13, 2011 Show

"The King's Speech"
Discussion with Barry Guitar, Ph.D

 After seeing the film "The King's Speech" Anne contacted an old friend,
Professor Barry Guitar, Ph.D, an expert on stuttering who has the condition himself,
to discuss the film and the world of stuttering.
They go beyond the "The King's Speech"... insightful.

Read the Transcript for the January 20, 2011 Show

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
More than Meets the Eye

Anne speaks with Kelly Rohan, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at the University of
Vermont and an expert on the condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
Who has it, why do they have it, what are we learning about SAD?
 And is it only in the winter?

Hear what SAD is, and how it's being treated from someone who works directly
with people affected by it. (38 minutes)

Listen to February 3, 2011 Show

Autism Understanding and Acceptance

His tweets tell you a lot about this guy - "autism is not a choice; acceptance is."

This man who hails from "The Great White North" of Canada is about to embark on a
very big project. He's calling it "Autism Understanding and Acceptance" and he wants
you to join in.

Let's find out who Stuart Duncan is and what he's talking about. (37 minutes)

Listen to February 10, 2011 Show

Rachel de Azevedo Coleman ("ala SIGNING TIME!!)

What's important isn't that her Signing Time series was on PBS or her Emmy nomination.
Instead, it's the story of her girls; one deaf, one with spina bifida and cerebal palsy,
and a third who returns after an 18-year absence. Incredible circumstances often make
incredible lives.  Rachel Coleman tells us the how and why of her Signing Time series.
(61 minutes)

Listen to February 24, 2011 Show

Autism Insurance Discrimination

Anne speaks with Judith Ursitti of Autism Speaks on autism discrimination and
legislation currently in place. (29 minutes)

Listen to March 10, 2011 Show

"Nervous Habits" : Tourette's
Jeffrey Koterba

Jeffrey Koterba the syndicated editorial cartoonist writes 1st person his memoir "Inklings" on a life filled with an abundance of experiences that include being hit by lightning, a cartoon in space, playing with his band at the Twin Towers months before tragedy. On another tragic day in Arizona Jeffrey captioned something else. And since this is a diagnosis show, did I tell you Jeffrey has tourettes? And a wonderful personality.
(61 minutes)

Listen to March 31, 2011 Show

John Elder Robison "be different"

"be different" Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian is John Elder Robison's newest
book with practical advice for Aspergians, misfits, families and teachers.
This discussion delves into John's way of thinking through a frank exchange of what
constitutes autism.(58 minutes)

Listen to April 7, 2011 Show

Where are the Adult Services?

Where are the adult services for autism and disabilities in Vermont?
Laura Weaver-Grady, Connecticut's first paid advocate who is now a Vermont
resident, discusses her adult son's issues regarding employment, housing, transportation,
and recreation in Vermont. We then talk to Karen Schwartz, Director of the Vermont
Developmental Disabilities Council, who explains what services presently look like and
how they could be improved. As always, the discussion goes beyond Vermont. (53 minutes)

Listen to April 14, 2011 Show


Transparency and Accountability Show

Transparency and accountability. What do these words mean in governmental matters
as they apply to the special needs population? Meet guests Jim Caffry, a Vermont
Special needs attorney and Kathleen Demeritt, a home living provider and nurse.
Both are parents of special needs children. This discussion involves what choices
you have when services are delivered to your child, including parental pay for
specialized care. (40 minutes)

Listen to May 5, 2011 Show

Marc Awodey: Invisible Disabilities

Marc Awodey, art critic, visual artist, and writer tells compelling stories about his
father's role as an architect of the World Trade Center, and its subsequent destruction.
Marc also discusses his disabilities, Type I diabetes and severe clinical depression.
He's a survivor of a suicide brought on by a very unlikely source. According to
Marc “medication is good." (37 minutes)

Listen to May 19, 2011 Show

Mark Osteen: ONE OF US

"The family becomes autistic..." Mark Osteen came on my show to talk about the
subject of acceptance of severe autism in his book ONE OF US (A Family's Life with
Autism). Why Mark's words are so enticing is because he talks about the condition of
"severe autism", which he says seems to be taboo or stigmatized. He takes you through
his life bringing up his son Cameron and the tough decisions he and his wife have had
to make. In the end he says its all about acceptance. I think professionals in the
field, as well as any parent of a child with a developmental disorder will want to hear
this story. (60 minutes)

Listen to June 9, 2011 Show

Binge Eating Disorder

Anne talks to Lilya Sitnikov, a fifth year clinical psychology doctoral student at
the University of Vermont who shares some of the findings of her research on
binge eating disorder. (28 minutes)

Listen to June 16, 2011 Show

Practice this word ARTHROGRYPOSIS
Now say Hospice

"Sometimes things happen for a reason" might be a line Ward Foley would say. Well
unbeknowst to me I scheduled an interview with him on National Awareness
Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Day, a condition Ward was born with! In my
conversation you'll learn what it is, the role Ward plays in hospice care,
and why Former NY Mets catcher Ed Hearn, The National Hospice and Palliative
Care Organization, a former Governor and ESPN The Magazine wrote testimonials
for his book THANK MY LUCKY SCARS. Often speaking to various organizations,
Ward reflects on life with physical challenges, and an attitude that has become
the secret to his success. Listen in to this inspiring story. (33 minutes)

Listen to June 30, 2011 Show

New Concept? Accomodating the Cognitively Disabled
in Court or any Legal Proceedings

Interview with Rita Phelps
Director of the Vermont Communication Support Project

Court time can be intimidating time for many. What if you had to go to
Family Court, Superior Court, Small Claims Court or Probate Court and
you were cognitively challenged? And you need access to make your own
decisions without having a guardian of the court do that for you?
Who you going to call?  (51 minutes)

Listen to August 18, 2011 Show

#VTResponse to Hurricane Irene - a community story

Interview with Sarah Waterman

#VTResponse was the hashtag on twitter that Vermonters quickly began paying attention to in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Hurricane Irene developed into a tropical storm by the time it hit the beautiful rural state of Vermont, causing extensive flooding and washing out roads that bridged communities together. Historic bridges collapsed, with one unsettling sight caught on video with screams of heartbreak that reached a national audience. Lives were lost.

A young native Vermont woman saw a way to connect the dots and begin tofurnish needed information that could bring help to communities. #VTReponse hashtag was born to begin the communication process of coherently tracking disaster and assistance as it came. Within days a website is born and finally an email address and official twitter name. Sarah Waterman, a premed student along with her friends and colleagues Matt Sisko and Katherine Kent define the Vermont can do spirit. Sarah tells the story and does what she's come to be known for, giving needed information. Listen , a lot of useful information!

 (38 minutes)

Listen to September 1, 2011 Show

From Runaway to Redemption

Interview with Jen Knox

My guest Jen Knox says in her book, MusicalChairs. "I had left home to leave myself…." But that’s on page 58.

Let us get inside the head of a runaway teenager…a true story that involves all the elements of good storytelling; a young girl who was a star runner, mental illness, strip-dancing, alcohol abuse, rape, leaving home as a teenager from parents that DON’T beat her, and redemption.

 (40 minutes)

Listen to September 14, 2011 Show

Fascinating research interview on TMS
with John Elder Robison

Since the first time John Elder Robison was on my show back in 2008 I've had an interest in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS. John has had it. His participation in, and enthusiasm for these Harvard studies was quite something for an autism mom to behold. So for our third interview John came to the radio station, sat down, made reference to our equipment (you'll like this!), and we began. Enjoy the show. I sure did!  (27 minutes)

Listen to September 24, 2011 Show

Mark Horvath of Invisible People TV

Mark Horvath of Invisible People TV took a detour from his travels to stop by my show. This is a 13-minute excerpt from our engaging discussion. Mark was once homeless himself and now advocates to "empower the homeless" by using social media to gain attention and awareness. Stop for a moment in your daily travels and take a listen to this interesting conversation.  (13 minutes)

Listen to September 26, 2011 Show

Karen Fondacaro of Connecting Cultures
and New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma (NESTT)

So what happens when you arrive in America today from an area of the world that is experiencing war, famine, rape, do you adjust to a new world after all that?

Dr. Karen Fondacaro, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center at the University of Vermont has established Connecting Cultures, which is specifically designed to focus on the well-being of refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.

Karen is also co-founder of the New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma (NESTT).  (13 minutes)

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Working Homeless and Almost Homeless meet

In a time of #OccupyWallStreet (Twitter hashtag) Anne found two men who exemplify a condition the nation is experiencing...Jude, a working homeless articulate guy from a shelter in NYC, and PJ an almost homeless if not for a friend's bare basement returning to school at age 42. Their stories and voices are compelling.... (41 minutes)

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Lost & Tired, Android 4 Autism

How does a dad with three on the autism spectrumand a wife who is quite sick have
the time to blog, and design Android 4 Autism?  Rob Gorski is trying to take
a popular consumer device, an Android cellphone, and transform it into something kids
with autism can use to communicate. In this interview you'll hear an interesting
perspective on autism and disabilities, since his three children span the autism spectrum. (40 minutes)

Listen to November 10, 2011 Show

What is Acoustic 4 Autism?

I've noted in my own life the people who try to provide something for the autismcommunity. Louis Gendron is an example of that, using his love of music to encourage artists to donate their songs to be used to raise money and awareness for autism. In this interview he explains how it works and you'll hear some samples from the artists, too. We also discuss the commitment parents have to their children and the autism community (36 minutes)

Listen to November 17, 2011 Show

Mayoral Hopefuls Tim Ashe and Miro Weinberger
...A Dialogue on Inclusion

On November 12, 2011 in Burlington, Vermont after three rounds of balloting for the
chance to represent the Democratic Party in the next election for mayor,
both Miro Weinberger and Tim Ashe garnered exactly 540 votes.

This is the first time these candidates were on an autism, disabilities,
and diagnoses program. Often this type of dialogue is at the national or
state level. But what about your own backyard, city government?
(30 minutes)

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Bridget Bufford's Cemetery Bird

Life goes on...A line from Bridget Bufford's book Cemetery Bird, nominated for a 2012 Pushcart award. A fictitious novel that seems to derive from, as well as make reference to Bridget's own life. In this interview we discuss why Bridget includes a main character with autism and another with a brain injury who experiences seizures.
(26 minutes)

Listen to December 15, 2011 Show

Dr. Gil Tippy, PsyD
DIR (Developmental, Individual Difference,
Relationship-Based Model) Proponent

Once an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) practitioner now a DIR (Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based Model) proponent Dr. Gil Tippy, PsyD wrote a book with the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan, MD titled Respecting Autism. Listen to Anne's interview with Dr. Tippy, which he describes as "getting to the meat of the matter." (47 minutes)

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Needs Therapies 24/7 For Her Son

Terry Holden once lost her child. 911 was called. A story that made VT news. He has autism. Terry talks about how private insurance coverage for autism would help her 24/7 son and her family. (14 minutes)

Listen to January 26, 2012 Show

Wanda Hines:
Granddaughter of a Sharecropper
Runs for Mayor

Today's guest is the granddaughter of a Mississippi sharecropper and also an independent candidate for the Office of Mayor of Burlington...Vermont's Queen City.

Besides her gender and race, what distinguishes Wanda Hines from the other candidates? (23 minutes)

Listen to February 27, 2012 Show

An Inside Look at Autism Legislation

What do you get when you put a State Representative, a State Senator and a Disability Law Attorney on a radio show talking about two concurrent historic autism bills? An engaging intimate conversation on people's convictions and how this process works.

Find out why these bills are dubbed anti-discrimination bill(s). Twenty-one legislators have sponsored this legislation. Guests Senator Philip Baruth, Representative Chris Pearson, and Disability Lawyer Sam Abel-Palmer. (39 minutes)

Listen to March 1, 2012 Show

She Makes Youtube Videos On It...and More

She makes youtube videos on it, tweets about it, blogs about it. She has it. Aspergers. Here's a young woman who has decided she wants people to understand it. She's campaigning to get on The Ellen Show. Well, she got on my show! Listen to the spirited Erin Clemens. There's always something to learn with these conversations. Guaranteed. (31 minutes)

Listen to March 8, 2012 Show

The United States of Autism - Rich Everts interview

I received a communication a couple years ago, from a guy called Rich Everts. He said something like this, “You made a film on autism and I’d like to talk to you a bit on that process…because I’m going to make one.” Kind of like that, Rich.

We called each other. We chatted at length. I even gave him a good candidate to be in his film ---never happened, but his film did! By golly, he did get funding from Pepsi Refresh Project and he made his film, The United States of Autism.

It sure is exciting to hear about one’s idea - see it in the womb- then watch the birth. I love the trailer. I bet you will too!

Read the March 15, 2012 Interview

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Releases new Autism Rates

On the day the CDC annouced new prevalence rates of autism in the U.S.
(1 in 88, 1 in 54 for boys) Dr. Steve Contompasis, developmental
pediatrician for the State of Vermont quickly accepted my invitation
to come talk about the study and how it affects all of us.

Dr. Contompasis calls the study "a thought-provoking piece of work."
Discussion ensues how the DSM-V will impact all of us. (28 minutes)

Listen to March 29, 2012 Show

Is it Either/Or?
Exploring the Theme of Todd Drezner's Film

"Oh dear, I feel sorry for you"or "Aren't they geniuses
or real creative?"
are some of the comments that parents
of children with autism sometimes receive from others outside
the autism community.

Implied in those remarks are stereotypes. Is autism something
to be cured, or is it another variation of the brain that needs
acceptance? At the heart of this interview with filmmaker
Todd Drezner, the father of a child on the autism spectrum, is a
discussion on the meaning of his film LOVING LAMPPOSTS.

Todd explores what he believes are two movements, "find the cure" and
"neurodiversity", the latter asking that you understand and accept your
child's autism. Listen to a discussion that further explores these either/or
positions. I'd like to hear your own conclusions. Go to my facebook page to comment

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What Happens When One Experiences a Brain Injury?
A Lot

When you come across someone who blogs
I WANT MY BRAIN BACK you tend to pay attention.
Ann Zuccardy was a successful writer in a corporate
environment when in October of 2011 she fell in a bathtub
resulting in a "mild traumatic brain injury."

Now in comes the Brain Injury Association of
Vermont with one of its founding members,
Barb Winters, who is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist
Trainer. What happens to someone who experiences a brain
injury, mild or not? And what does someone like Barb Winters
do to accomodate Ann Zuccardy's injuries? What are the
resources to help people like Ann?

Lets find out from my guests Ann Zuccardy and Barb Winters. Go to my facebook page to comment

Listen to April 12, 2012 Show

With Arthur Fleischmann

It's popular to say someone found their voice but in this
case I think others found her voice, Carly's voice. She had
it all along. She just had to work very hard to show the
world what was inside of her. This is the girl who has made
the media celebrity circuit after demonstrating she really does
understand and can communicate her thoughts, after a
decade of not displaying that.

Meet Arthur Fleischman, Carly's Dad, who has written a book
with Carly called CARLY'S VOICE. Perhaps you'll never look
at anyone fidgeting or moving rapidly in quite the same way
again. Someone coined the phrase "Believe in competence..."
I say "Believe in Carly's humor..." It just feels better.  (54 minutes)

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Ron Marcellis Discussing the Signing of
VT S223 Autism Insurance Bill

One day people will marvel that there even had to be a
law to give people their unalienable right to get the
support they needed to survive and prosper.

Hear a conversation with host Anne Barbano and guest
Ron Marcellis on the recent signing into law by Varmont
Governor Peter Shumlin an autism and early developmental
disabilities bill, making the current Vermont bill even better. (14 minutes)

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A Discussion with Jennifer Byde Myers of
Thinking Person's Guide To Autism

Some of you may remember or had heard of the books
Our Bodies Ourselves and What To Expect When
You're Expecting
. They were revolutionary books on matters
that hadn't been written before, primarily for and by women.

Well it's a new era. With a diagnostic rate of 1 in 88 children
being diagnosed on the autism spectrum it was bound to happen for
autism...a guide...Thinking Person's Guide To Autism by
five women editors to help bring evidence-based information to
people who care about and love someone with autism.

It all began with a blog with information by and for autistics,
parents of children with autism, and the professionals who serve
the community, co-founded by Jennifer Byde Myers and Shannon
Des Roches Rosa.

I spoke with Jennifer at length on the guide’s different viewpoints
about what has currently been published on autism, whether it’s cures,
treatment, or personal stories. (57 minutes)

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Why I Left the Amish
A Talk on Closed Cultures with Saloma Miller Furlong

Saloma Miller Furlong, author of Why I Left the Amish,
joined me as she did nearly 20 years ago as a guest on my
television program LifeStories.

We spoke together on the subject of "closed cultures" and
how it affected her growing up as a young Amish woman
dealing with depression and incest, as well as her thoughts
about autism in the Amish community. (34 minutes)

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Cultural Intrepreter Stephen Shore

He says he likes to be called a "cultural intrepreter"
and speaks of "sensory violations." All in the context of autism.
Meet Stephen Shore, presenter, teacher, autism author and... he has autism.
Says he was classified as a little kid as "psychotic" later moved up to

Stephen has a tongue-in-cheek way of explaining these things and is always
interesting. I caught up with him after last seeing him several years ago.
We spoke about the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts which
is getting the attention of the United Nations for their aversive electric
shock treatment of autism and special-needs students. An interesting
back 'n forth conversation. (38 minutes)

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Interview with Dr. Martha Herbert M.D., Ph.D.

recorded on June 28, 2012

33 minutes

"The idea that autism is a disorder of the body that we can
improve upon and even reverse is revolutionary...." says
Dr. Martha Herbert MD, PhD, a Harvard Medical School professor
and physician. Martha is the author of The Autism Revolution,
Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be
and it's the
first Harvard Health Publications backed book on autism. Besides all
these accolades, Martha is quick on her feet, a more than willing
participant in an interview that presents itself as thorough, and conscientious.

Note: The recording of this show on the stream did overamplify
my microphone, unlike the live broadcast from the radio, so you will hear a
difference between host and guest. It's too good to miss listening to it.
I hope you'll listen, even ask some of your own questions. (33 minutes)

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Not Looking for Causation or Awareness, Just Support

recorded on August 2, 2012

10 minutes

Parents of children with autism are often bombarded by the latest autism organizations that are trying to help them and their children. In that vein I asked Tim Welsh exactly what his new organization wants to accomplish.

A newly self- described "aspie" bringing up his 15-year-old son who says is functioning at the level of a 6 month old, states he's not looking for a cure so much anymore, now he just wants to find support... (10 minutes)

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Question for the Attorney General Candidates for the State of Vermont

recorded on August 2, 2012

5 minutes each

As prearranged, I was able to reach both candidates separately at their public events as they run
for the Vermont Attorney General's Office. They were both given the same question.
You can hear the question and their answers by clicking on the link below
for the August 2, 2012 show.

Thank you Vermont Attorney General William "Bill" Sorrell and
Chittenden County State's Attorney TJ Donovan.

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Listen to August 2, 2012 Show

Quality Control In Autism

recorded on August 9, 2012

27 minutes

"Is it your contention that people once diagnosed with autism
can lose the diagnosis of autism?" That's exactly the kind of conversation
Dr. Catherine "Cathy" Lord, Ph.D. and I had on the DSM5 (Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) coming out in May 2013.

Dr. Lord, Director of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain at
New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell and Columbia is renowned for her work in
longitudinal studies of social and communicative development in Autism Spectrum
Disorders (ASD). She helped develop standardized instruments for ASD,
now considered the gold standard for research diagnoses all over the world.
In a time when there is a lot of talk and apprehension on what will happen once
the new manual is used to diagnose autism, I think this is a very important

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There May be an ARCTIC Coming Near You....

recorded on August 16, 2012

15 minutes

Some states can brag they have autism centers.Vermont's citizens
have tried in the past (I did a show on one). Today we have two
advocates who have won approval for their vision of an Autism Center in
their region of Vermont, the Autism Recognition Care Training and
Information Center (ARCTIC) which will hail from Rutland, Vermont.

Listen to guest Jon Gilbert, father of two children on the autism
spectrum describe what will transpire. Then go ask him on their blog
your own questions. Thanks for listening.

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Dr. Patty Prelock Made a Housecall to the Studio

recorded on August 23, 2012

27 minutes

Her name around here is synonymous withlanguage-communication-autism.
It was about time I had Dr. Patty Prelock, Ph.D on my show. She has the
distinction on being awarded more than $9 million dollars in state and
federal funding to develop training to facilitate speech and intervention
work in autism.

Lots of questions flew through our half hour together. Her pilot programs
are plentiful and being a radio show host it sure was fun to talk language

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Listen to August 23, 2012 Show

Trans-Disciplinary Team Support

recorded on September 6, 2012

28 minutes

You'll find in this interview some key information on how trans-disciplinary
team support approaches work. Listen as my guests, Mary Asper, Speech-
Language Pathologist, and Suzy Shedd, Licensed Psychologist, discuss how their
organization, Codding Hollow Associates, Inc. works, as well as how this
concept works in general.

As informants on this model, Suzy and Mary share inside knowledge how it
operates. An invaluable show for any provider, school, parent or caregiver.

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Listen to Septermber 6, 2012 Show

Eating Blind

recorded on September 27, 2012

35 minutes

Let your senses become aware! That's what I came away with after talking
to Gerry Leary, the blind emcee of "The Blind Cafe" making its way around
the country.

In my own city, Burlington,Vermont people will get a chance to partake in the
experience of listening and being in a blind cafe. What does that mean?
Come along and listen to Gerry who tells us what will happen at this event
and gives us perspective on what it means to be blind. Thank you Gerry!

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Listen to Septermber 27, 2012 Show

"If you win this case it may change the whole system of how the state of Vermont deals with disabilities..."

Broadcast on October 4, 2012

31 minutes

Four years ago I had tonight's guest on The NextFrontier. A show that was to
primarily discuss home and community based waivers but instead...the star of the
show became the federal entitlement EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis
and Treatment). We learned some compelling information, including that Vermont was
out of compliance with EPSDT regulations!

That guest, attorney Marilyn Mahusky from the Disability Law Project of Vermont Legal
Aid returns tonight to discuss some important information on EPSDT and why she is
becoming involved in possible litigation with the state of Vermont.

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They Are My Rights
An Interview with

Broadcast on October 25, 2012

29 minutes

When you find Henry Miles Frost on facebook he's usually typing out a message
or holding a poster board that reads:

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 granted equal rights to all people.
I am a person.
I want these rights.

What you'll find out real quickly is that 13-year-old Henry
has been denied the right to attend his Florida public neighborhood
middle school 200 yards away from his house. HOW COME?
Learn about state's law, least restricted environment,
American with Disabilities Act and a boy who met some folks from
a movie and never looked back.

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Listen to October 25, 2012 Show

Have you considered your autistic child may have seizures...?
Caren Haines, RN author of Silently Seizing

Sometimes the person I'm interviewing has experiences very, very close to those that we as a family
have had. I came across a web link for the book "Silently Seizing" while searching for information
on autism and epilepsy. I had to look. I had to read.

I asked Caren Haines, RN, some questions from her book. Could seizures be triggering some of the
behaviors these children have experienced? And what about the behavioral plans families have used
to get their child back to "normal"?

Consider Caren's answers, look at the research links, and ask your own questions. Talk to your own
doctors. I hope somehow, somewhere, someone will be changed, able to talk, to express themselves,
to feel well,to be able to read.

Read the November 15, 2012 Interview

A Candid Conversation with Bernie Looby
A Musician and Brain-Injury Survivor

Broadcast on December 6, 2012

30 minutes

Bernie Looby came back on my show after a four year hiatus.
Bernie is a musician with a brain injury who often plays with his
friend Bill Gallant, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I have had the pleasure of many interactions with Bernie and Bill over
the years in the form of emails, cards, letters, and CD's made by them.

Bernie revealed more about his life than I had previously known and I
am grateful for having had that experience from such a forthright individual.

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Listen to December 6, 2012 Show

Dug Nap - It's Tricky

Broadcast on December 20, 2012

28 minutes

This is one interview that defies labels. Dug Nap, the public poet,
the performance artist, the print artist, the singer....

Our chat derives from his performance piece "Napshots of the Suburbs", Part One of his
series, "Napshots Of My Life".

He had a life. He had a diagnosis. One of them he doesn't own.

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Listen to December 20, 2012 Show

Treating Depression from An Artist's Perspective

Broadcast on January 10, 2013

34 minutes

This interview derived from an inquiry, perhaps a demand. “Where’s my show?” he wrote
to me after I was posting some interviews I had recently conducted from my radio show.
I had just interviewed a performance and visual artist. Would doing a show with yet
another artist with a former diagnosis be more of the same?

I pride myself on getting a host of diverse personalities within different subjects.
No cookie cutter formula. The question had to come from me – why am I interviewing this
guy? Why did he want to be interviewed? When someone calls himself Mr. Masterpiece…and
has found a way out of his depression through art forms it brings a certain relevance
to the discussion.

Locals will recognize the names that Mr. Masterpiece refers to. Some will find some insight
into his work. And perhaps one young soul will find a guiding light at the National Suicide
Prevention Hotline 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255). You never know what you might find from a
masterpiece. Guess that was my answer.

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Listen to January 10, 2013 Show

Play, with Purpose:
Alternative Recreation ClubHouse (ARCH)

Broadcast on January 24, 2013

23 minutes

PLAY, WITH PURPOSE. Did YOU play with purpose? That's the title of the
social skills program coming to the YMCA for kids with autism and Asperger's syndrome.
Tonight's guest is Cal Workman who is going to tell us what PLAY, WITH PURPOSE is.

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Listen to January 24, 2013 Show

When THE Call Comes (for our aging parents)

Broadcast on January 31, 2013

40 minutes

In America today many middle aged people are beginning to be called on for some level
of caregiving of their aging parents. Caregiving needs can come in many forms, long
distance advising, emergency meetings, moving to be closer to a parent, having a
parent live with the family. The point is there is suddenly change in the family
network. How are the baby boomers carrying on with the call that they are needed for
their parent?

Tonight I have two guests who have seen those days as the daughters of an aging
parent. Their perspectives may be a work in progress, their situations quite
different with varying outcomes, but I bet you’ll gain some insight to what
has transpired.

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Listen to January 31, 2013 Show

Looking Beyond Face Value: I AM IN HERE

Broadcast on February 7, 2013

41 minutes

Once this guest came on my show as a person with a developmental disability to
demonstrate a form of support called FC, or facilitated communication, that was
not without scientific controversy. That was 5 years ago.

Today Mark Utter has found his voice again in a film he has written I AM IN HERE. This chat has many components that the film tries to cover. It's about not
being heard. Or seen. Or respected. Meet director Emily Anderson and Mark Utter.

You can view the prologue to scene 3 of the film here.

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Listen to February 7, 2013 Show

Impromptu Interview on the Radio

Broadcast on February 21, 2013

10 minutes

An impromptu interview on the radio with Brandi a job shadow
(someone coming from a school to learn about a career).
Listen as Brandi becomes the interviewer.

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Listen to February 21, 2013 Show

Award Winning ASD Teacher on The Next Frontier

Broadcast on March 14, 2013

45 minutes

I had a lengthy conversation with Leslie Broun Mastrianni,
a native of Canada who is the recipient of the distinguished
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contribution
to the field of education of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I think you’ll find the subject of literacy we homed in on to be
particularly interesting for understanding children with
reading disabilities.

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Listen to March 14, 2013 Show

That word again...INFORMATION

Broadcast on March 21, 2013

40 minutes

Families move to different states to seek services for
their child. This family moved from next door, New Hampshire.
They wanted to come on the radio to talk about their advocacy
efforts WITH their son, who is a self-advocate.

The conversation brings us in to a comparison of two states,
side-by-side, Vermont and New Hampshire. Who's winning?

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Listen to March 21, 2013 Show

Stigma Free - ME2 Orchestra

Broadcast on March 28, 2013

33 minutes

"EVERY orchestra in the country has members with mental illness...
the difference is that ME2 Orchestra acknowledges this and actively
recruits players who have mental health issues, while in most orchestras
(and other groups) people struggle with stigma.”

So says ME2 Orchestra, co-founded by Ronald Braunstein and Caroline Whiddon.
They also say “ME2 is a stigma-free zone.” They were my guests tonight
sharing their own diagnoses of bipolar and panic/anxiety disorders while
telling the story what ME2 Orchestra personally means to them.

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Listen to March 28, 2013 Show

Interview with the Creator of The Track & Share Movement App
Uwe Heiss's Autism Tracker

Broadcast on April 4, 2013

18 minutes

My guest states that his Autism Tracker can be life-changing
for families with an autistic child. If you’re not in the APP world yet,
you may want to be after listening to this discussion.

Uwe Heiss, the designer of The Track & Share Movement says "this is a
collaboration between APP developers and users to empower people to
track and share their lives, to understand how things are related,
to help each other, and to support a greater cause."

The Autism Tracker has been featured by Apple as Number 1 in the
APP Store under Special Education/Diagnostic and Reference for
IPhone and IPad

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Listen to April 4, 2013 Show

Brief Interview with Rich Everts: United States of Autism

Recorded on April 11, 2013

5 minutes

Following a performance of his film United States of Autism in Burlington, Vermont
director Rich Everts talked with Anne Barbano about the showing.

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Listen to April 11, 2013 Interview

Talking to John Elder Robison in Traffic

Recorded on May 2, 2013

27 minutes

Mind you this was under the guise of talking about his latest book, John Elder Robison's
Raising Cubby but I knew it wouldn't be long before it headed into some other areas of
interest. That's what I found rings true with all my talks with John. I always go away
learning something new while personally aware of the man who writes these books.

So even if you haven't read John's latest on bringing up his aspergian son from an aspergian
father's perspective it will behoove you to listen to some important elements of what John
is working on. Think Executive Function. Go ahead, listen.

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Listen to May 2, 2013 Interview

A Different Kind of Safari

Recorded on May 30, 2013

21 minutes

In the children's book A Different Kind of Safari, the boy named Ray tells the very
DIFFERENT pink colored hippo Rosie, "Your story sounds familiar Rosie, a lot like
mine except I am more sad than happy."

Ray happens to be author Helen C. Hipp's son who has autism and contributed to the
creation of this children's book. Ray tells me now as a young man that
being bullied in his youth helped set the stage for a book that
celebrates differences. Listening to Ray one gets the
meaning of empowerment, understanding and respect.

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Listen to May 30, 2013 Interview

A Conversation with Bryan King, M.D.

Recorded on June 20, 2013

45 minutes

Bryan King, M.D. is a nationally recognized expert in the area of psychopharmacology and its relationship to autism. Bryan spoke with Anne prior to his appearance at
the 2013 Vermont Autism Conference about the role of environment and genetics in
autism, self-injurious and repetitive behaviors, and his role as a member of the
committee to create the new DSM-5.0 guidelines for mental health.

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Listen to June 20, 2013 Interview

Sarah Blacker, New England Music Awards Female Performer
Of The Year AND Music Therapist

Recorded on July 11, 2013

42 minutes

Maybe by the time you hear this performance and interview Sarah Blacker
will have become a household name. Sarah has numerous awards under her
belt with CBS Boston proclaiming her "ONE OF BOSTON'S BEST FEMALE MUSICIANS".

Acoustic for Autism was in touch with me knowing Sarah's touring schedule
and that she would be a contributing artist to their organization. I couldn't
have been happier to meet this talented musician aand music therapist, along
with her talented bassist Bryan Worley. To boot I had Music DJ Ross Mickel of
Bootlegger's Beware on with me. On with the show, I know you'll enjoy it!

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Listen to July 11, 2013 Interview

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
23rd Anniversary

Recorded on July 26, 2013

15 minutes

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits
discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with
disabilities in employment, State and local government services,
public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation.
It also mandates the establishment of TDD/telephone relay services.

Listen to five individuals who are intimately associated with the ADA
as disabled persons, medical professionals, and advocates for the
disabled as they talk about why it is working, and what more needs
to be done.

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Listen to July 26, 2013 Interview

Immunizations and Choice: Finding Common Ground

Recorded on October 3, 2013

53 minutes

Some people believe you have a right to not immunize your
child while attending public school. Others disagree and
believe immunization is a best choice practice for society.

My two guests support these opposing viewpoints on immunization.
Listen to a conversation that helps clarify these different
positions with guests Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie, a teacher and
midwife, and Dr. Robert "Bob" Macauley, an ethicist and

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Listen to October 3, 2013 Interview

If you Want to Walk the Walk,
You Gotta Talk the Talk:

Recorded on November 7, 2013

44 minutes

I spoke to one of the "Best Doctors in America"
Dr. Sandra Steingard M.D. who shared with me how OPEN DIALOGUE
is used in Finland and how she uses its principles here in
Vermont for people diagnosed with psychoses.

We also spoke about neuroleptic drugs, other cognitive therapies,
and what’s happening in medicine today for this broad spectrum of people.

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Listen to November 7, 2013 Interview

A Life On Radio

Recorded on December 5, 2013

48 minutes

"You only catch lightning in a bottle once...We broke the glass ceiling..."

Those kinds of expressions come easily to my guest Louie Manno,
who is about to be inducted into the Vermont Association of Broadcasters
Hall of Fame.

This interview is peppered with lots of engaging radio clips that
highlight the creativity of this imaginative artist. Louie talks
about his radio as well as his personal persona.

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Listen to December 5, 2013 Interview

Segue to Stability - Pathways Vermont

Recorded on January 27, 2014

34 minutes

Pathways Vermont is a unique organization serving the chronically
homeless with mental health issues. They are seen by their clients
as a last stop, a system that serves them more holistically in nature.
They are what Executive Director Hilary Melton calls traumatized.

Pathways Vermont has seen the success rate of their client's stability
increase by providing support in their own homes. They are fighting now
to regain the $800,000 they will lose from the federal government. A
tireless advocate keeps working to insure that stability can be more
than temporary for the rural state it serves. Hear their story.

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All Inclusive - College Steps Program

Recorded on February 3, 2014

38 minutes 

How many of you feel your child or yourself will be able
to attend college with an intellectual disability?
Maybe you haven't heard of the College Steps Program...

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Restraints and Seclusion in Educational Settings

Recorded on February 10, 2014

42 minutes 

The words “restraints and seclusion” get a lot ofattention in
Vermont as well as across the country when used in educational
settings. But what are they? Who uses them? Why are they used?

A recent due process meeting was the impetus for this discussion
with guest Phelippa Hurley, an educational consultant and advocate
who filed a professional misconduct complaint with the parents of
a student who was continually restrained and secluded at a Rutland City school.

Susan Yuan, Ph.D., who appeared as a guest on my radio show in 2009 has
made it her life’s work to advocate for positive behavioral supports.

A committee member who helped author the Rules of Restraints and Seclusion
for the Agency of Education in the State of Vermont, Erin Maguire also
joined us. Erin is President of the Vermont Council of Special Education

This is an interesting, informative discussion that will surely give one
more insight into a topic worth knowing.

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Autism Insurance
Early Childhood Developmental Disorders Insurance
Taking a Look at Two States

Recorded on March 24, 2014

35 minutes 

Autism insurance. Early childhood developmental disorders insurance.
What does that mean? As a growing number of states have legislated
private insurance and Medicaid to pay for families that have a diagnosis
of autism or early childhood disorders therapies, what do you think is

I spoke to Vermont Special Needs Attorney Claudia Pringles, and the author
of New Hampshire's Connor's Law, Kirsten Murphy, on what the reality is
right now for access to paid providers for children in states that have
passed these laws. Some tips to help families through the insurance maze.

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Wasn't the Developmental Disabilities Act
Suppose to Provide Services for Adults
That Need Them?

Recorded on March 24, 2014

9 minutes 

When a state has excellent core principles included in its
Developmental Disabilities Act but no mechanism to fulfill them,
one needs to listen, says policy analyst Kirsten Murphy of the
Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council. Kirsten is not full
of rhetoric but comes on my show with very clear goals and knowledge
of how systems work. This short conversation is chock full of
information. "Mall therapy" is but one.

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John Killacky, a Perspective on Ability, Disability and Determination

Recorded on April 7, 2014

37 minutes 

I had the pleasure of meeting John Killacky who wrote
Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories, a perspective on life
as a disabled gay man who also happens to be the current Executive
Director of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in
Burlington, Vermont.

John was not born disabled but became so because of a unique life experience.
This past marathoner and professional dancer talks about his life, and
embarking on creating access for people historically excluded from
experiencing or enjoying the live performing arts!

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A Teen Talks About Living with Williams Syndrome

Recorded on June 2, 2014

37 minutes 

Have you ever heard of Williams Syndrome? I hadn't, when many
years ago I ran into the mother of a child diagnosed with Williams
while bringing my autistic son to physical therapy. At that time,
she stated that Williams is almost the opposite of autism
in this regard, language is terrific and her daughter had
extreme social skills well beyond her years.

Well, fast forward 10 years…this little girl is now a teenager.
Her name is Eva and her mom Miriam is a licensed psychologist,
working hard for inclusion in the public schools.

This interview will tell you much, much more.

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Listen to June 2, 2014 Interview

Please contact me as events happen. This program will also showcase
talents from the disability world. Thanks to all of you. The
world is ready to listen.





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