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Five years ago Living the Autism Maze was a springboard in Vermont for numerous discussions about autism. At the conclusion of the film at its Premiere, some people were leaving with tears in their eyes, some with smiles, and all with provocative questions and a sense of wonder. Not only did they see joy in our kids, but also a more firm understanding that answers are the kind of thing that are not easy to come by.

Within 6 months of the film's release rates of autism had increased from 1 in 166 births to 1 in 150. Now those rates are 1 in 110.
Almost 4 years ago I embarked on another path, to tell the story through radio. My initial guests talked about efforts in legislation, employment, and treatment. We also began embracing all disabilities because you know, autism isn't just ONE thing. I hope you’ll tell me what moves you, what you want more of, what works in this radio series. Remember developmental pediatricians harping for years on behavioral intervention as the medicine of choice for our kids? Well, you need funding to do that. So let’s get going. Let’s talk and learn. One in 5 might not even be accurate anymore for the number of people with disabilities in America, but they’re all around us. The Next Frontier.....

The Next Frontier radio show is Vermont-made, but is streamed on the internet. Click here to listen to archived shows or in real time. I hope you enjoy it.

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Contact me to see this film, which is a snapshot in time, and click on the archived radio shows about autism and disabilities. You'll find it's hard to stereotype. The issues can be intense as well as delightful. Welcome again if you're visiting the site more than once!
All my best, ANNE

This film was funded in part by the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council and Producer, Writer, Co-Director Anne Barbano

Anne Barbano, producer, writer, and co-director has produced and hosted the oral history program LIFESTORIES, as well as having works screened on local public television. This film was inspired by her journey as a parent of a child with Autism.

Jeff Farber, co-director, videographer, editor and associate producer is an award-winning filmmaker with over 30 years of experience.This is their first collaboration.

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